30 June 2011

Cara perkiraan pembayaran FIDYAH....

Dasar fidyah ialah firman Allah Taala:
“..Dan wajib atas orang yang tidak berdaya berpuasa (kerana tua dsbnya) membayar fidyah iaitu memberi makan orang miskin..”

*Hukum fidyah:
Hukumnya adalah wajib berdasarkan firman Allah taala di atas.

*Jumlah fidyah yang wajib dibayar
Jumhur ulamak mengatakan bahawa fidyah adalah sebanyak satu cupak makanan asasi di negeri tempatnya tinggal, untuk setiap hari puasa yang ditinggalkan. 
Aku x nak bercerita panjang sbb x smua org suke membaca ;) jd utk perkara baik neh, aku bg link KALKULATOR kire2 bayaran fidyah..harap dpt membantu kalian, yeahhh!! ;)

28 June 2011


Demonstrasi jalanan atau Demon on the street (Maxwell 1963) mmg rmai yg x suke tp apa kurangnye plak yg ternanti2 bnda neh...biasa laaa, manusiaaa...kene cuit je folooooooo, tp nnt dh kne tangkap, kne soal siasat, dia pn x de sbb kukuh nk join...ke dh goyang dlm tuh...biaq pi la org yg berpengaruh tuh, depa dh biasa kuar masuk I.S.A, hati dh kering, anak dh bsr panjang...yg muda2 neh gi join, leh thn ke nnt msk I.S.A?? keje kene buang, ade sgt ker smangat juang korg tuh..hahahahha...

Yg mula2 dulu 10 Nov. 2007...apa agendanyee?? ;)
Yg kali ni 9 Jul. 2011....apa agendanye?? ;) nk famouskn lg ke Msia neh? time kaseh la byk2 :P atau diversion mata masy. dr kes abg Nuaq yg kne bicara 16 Jul. seminggu slps BERSIH II ni nnt...stakat nk hantar memorondum, x bley ke ajak 4-5 org jer, 10 la org la bg chaan...nk rmai2 gak ker?? apa agenda tersembunyi ni sebenarnyee...hmmmm...lu pikir la sendiri..kalo BYK baik dr BURUK..sila, sila kn laaaaa...aku pn x tau apa nk jd dh ngr neh ;(

27 June 2011

Anyone want to watch KARAK for free?? comee......

Filem terbitan KRU pix..heheee...sorry bro, gua bkn cetak rompak, tp tergoogle plak film korg neh n ade plak link freee....bkn apa, skang ni ekonomi x menentu, so selagi boley nk dptkn yg free, kita lyn je laa....pd korg yg dh tgk, pls give crdt to them, k ;) appreciate their work plsss...

Let's watch!! click this link >>>>KARAK

24 June 2011

10 brands that will disappear ~ 2012~

24/7 Wall St. has created a new list of brands that will disappear, which includes Sears (NASDAQ: SHLD - News), Sony Pictures (NYSE: SNE - News), American Apparel (NYSE: APP - News), Nokia (NYSE: NOK - News), Saab, A&W All-American Foods Restaurants, Soap Opera Digest, Sony Ericsson, MySpace (NYSE: NWS.A - News), and Kellogg's Corn Pops. (NYSE: K - News).

Each year, 24/7 Wall St. regularly compiles a list of brands that are going to disappear in the near-term. Last year's list proved to be prescient in many instances, predicting the demise of T-Mobile among others. In late May, AT&T (NYSE: T - News) and Deutche Telekom announced that AT&T would buy T-Mobile USA for $39 billion. The deal would add 34 million customers to the company and create the country's largest wireless operator.

Other 2010 nominees — including Blockbuster — bit the dust, while companies such as Dollar Thrifty are on the road to oblivion. Last September, after finally giving in to competition from Netflix and buckling under nearly $1 billion in debt, Blockbuster filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In April of this year, Dish Network acquired the company for $320 million. Car rental chain Dollar Thrifty is still entertaining buyout offers from Avis and Hertz. On June 6, the embattled company recommended that its shareholders not accept Hertz's recent offer, valued at $2.24 billion, or $72 a share. Meanwhile, on June 13th, Avis Budget announced that "it had made progress in its discussion with the Federal Trade Commission regarding its potential acquisition" of the company. Although Dollar Thrifty can remain choosy, a sale is a matter of when, not if.

We also missed the mark on a few companies. Notably, Kia, Moody's, BP, and Zale appear to be doing better than we expected.

Brands that have stood the test of time for decades are falling by the wayside at an alarming rate. For instance, Pontiac, a major car brand since 1926, is gone, shut down by a struggling GM. Blockbuster is in the process of dismantling, after it once controlled the VHS and DVD markets. House & Garden folded after 106 years. It succumbed to the advertising downturn, a lot of competition, and the cost of paper and postage. Its demise echoed the 1972 shutdown of what is probably the most famous magazines in history — Life. That was a long time ago but serves to demonstrate that no brand is too big to fail if it is overwhelmed by competition, new inventions, costs, or poor management.

This year's list of The Ten Brands That Will Disappear takes a methodical approach in deciding which brand would walk the plank. The major criteria were as follows: (1) a rapid fall-off in sales and steep losses; (2) disclosures by the parent of the brand that it might go out of business; (3) rapidly rising costs that are extremely unlikely to be recouped through higher prices; (4) companies which are sold; (5) companies that go into bankruptcy; (6) firms that have lost the great majority of their customers; or (7) operations with rapidly withering market share. Each of the ten brands on the list suffer from one or more of these problems. Each of the ten will be gone, based on our definitions, within 18 months.

  • Sony Pictures
Sony has a studio production arm which has nothing to do with its core businesses of consumer electronics and gaming. Sony bought what was Columbia Tri-Star Picture in 1989 for $3.4 billion. This entertainment operation has done poorly recently. Sony's fiscal year ends in March, and for the period, revenue for the group dropped 15% to $7.2 billion and operating income fell by 10% to $466 million. Sony is in trouble. It lost $3.1 billion in its latest fiscal year on revenue of $86.5 billion. Sony's gaming system group is under siege by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT - News) and Nintendo. Its consumer electronics group faces an overwhelming challenge from Apple. The company's future prospects have been further damaged by the Japan earthquake and the hack of its large PlayStation Network. CEO Howard Stringer is under pressure to do something to increase the value of Sony's shares. The only valuable asset with which he can easily part is Columbia which would attract interest from a number of large media operations. Sony Entertainment will disappear with the sale of its assets.

  • A&W
A&W Restaurants is owned by fast food holding company giant Yum! Brands (NYSE: YUM - News) which has had the firm for sale since January. There have been no buyers. The chain was founded in 1919. The size of the company grew rapidly, and immediately after WWII 450 franchises were opened. The firm pioneered the "drive in" fast food format. A&W began to sell canned versions of its sodas in 1971 — the part of the business that will survive as a container beverage business which is now owned by Dr. Pepper/Snapple. The A&W Restaurant business is too small to be viable now. It had 322 outlets in the U.S and 317 outside the U.S at the end of last year. All were operated by franchisees. By contrast, Yum!'s flagship KFC had 5,055 stores in the U.S. and 11,798 overseas. Two massive global fast food chains are even larger. Subway has 35,000 locations worldwide, and McDonald's has nearly as many. A&W does not have the ability to market itself against these chains and at least a dozen other fast food operators like Burger King. And, A&W does not have the size to efficiently handle food purchases, logistics, and transportation costs compared to competitors many times as large.

  • Saab
The first Saab car was launched in 1949 by Swedish industrial firm Svenska Aeroplan. The firm produced a series of sedans and coups, the flagship of which was the 900 series, released in 1978. About one million of these would eventually be sold. Saab's engineering reputation and the rise in its international sales attracted GM to buy half the company in 1989 and the balance in 2000. Saab's problem, which grew under the management of the world's No.1 automobile manufacturer, was that it was never more than a niche brand in an industry dominated by very large players such as Ford and Chevrolet. It did not build very inexpensive cars like VW did, or expensive sports cars as Porsche did. Saab's models were, in price and features, up against models from the world's largest car companies that sold hundreds of thousands of units each year. Saab also did not have a wide number of models to suit different budgets and driver tastes. GM decided to jettison the brand in late 2008, and the small company quickly became insolvent. Saab finally found a buyer in high-end car maker Spyker which took control of the company last year. Spyker quickly ran low on money because only 32,000 Saabs were sold in 2010. Spyker turned to Chinese industrial investors for money. Pang Da Automobile agreed to take an equity stake in the company. But, the agreement is not binding, and with a potential of global sales which are still below 50,000 a year based on manufacturing and marketing operations, and demand, Saab is no longer a financially viable brand.

  • American Apparel
The once-hip retailer reached the brink of bankruptcy earlier this year, and there is no indication that it has gained anything more than a little time with its latest financing. It currently trades as a penny stock. The company had three stores and $82 million in revenue in 2003. Those numbers reached 260 stores and $545 million in 2008. For the first quarter of this year, the retailer had net sales for the quarter of $116.1 million, a 4.7% decline over sales of $121.8 million in the same period a year ago. Comparable store sales declined 8% on a constant currency basis. American Apparel posted a net loss for the period of $21 million. Comparable store sales have flattened, which means the firm likely will continue to post losses. American Apparel is also almost certainly under gross margin pressure because of the rise in cotton prices. The retailer raised $14.9 million in April by selling shares at a discount of 43% to a group of private investors led by Canadian financier Michael Serruya and Delavaco Capital. According to Reuters, the 15.8 million shares sold represented 20.3 percent of the company's outstanding stock on March 31. That sum is not nearly enough to keep American Apparel from going the way of Borders. It is a small, under-funded player in a market with very large competitors with healthy balance sheets. It does not help matters that the company's founder and CEO, Dov Charney, has been a defendant in several lawsuits filed by former employees alleging sexual harassment.

  • Sears
The parent of Sears and Kmart — Sears Holdings — is in a lot of trouble. Total revenue dropped $341 million to $9.7 billion for the quarter which closed April 30, 2011. The company had a net loss of $170 million. Sears Holdings was created by a merger of the parents of the two chains on March 24, 2005. The operation has been a disaster ever since. The company has tried to run 4,000 stores which operate across the US and Canada. Neither Sears nor Kmart have done well recently, but Sears' domestic locations same store numbers were off 5.2% in the first quarter and Kmart's were down 1.6%. Last year domestic comparable store sales declined 1.6% in the total, with an increase at Kmart of .7% and a decline at Sears Domestic of 3.6%. New CEO Lou D'Ambrosio recently said of the last quarter that, "we also fell short on executing with excellence. We cannot control the weather or economy or government spending. But we can control how we execute and leverage the potent set of assets we have." D'Ambrosio needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat soon. Sharex are down 55% during the last five years. D'Ambrosio's only reasonable solution to the firm's financial problems is to stop supporting two brands which compete with one another and larger rivals such as Walmart (NYSE: WMT - News) and Target (NYSE: TGT - News). The cost to market two brands and maintain stores which overlap one another geographically must be in the hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Employee and supply chain costs are also gigantic. The path D'Ambrosio is likely to take is to consolidate two brand into one — keeping the better performing Kmart and shuttering Sears.

  • Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson was formed by the two large consumer electronics companies to market the handset offerings each had handled separately. The venture started in 2001, before the rise of the smartphone. Early in its history, it was one of the biggest handset manufacturers along with Nokia (NYSE: NOK - News), Samsung, LG, and Motorola. Sales of Sony Ericsson phones were originally helped by the popularity of other Sony portable devices like the Walkman. Sony Ericsson's product development lagged behind those of companies like Apple (NYSE: AAPL - News) and Research In Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM - News) which dominated the high end smartphone industry early. Sony Ericsson also relied on the Symbian operating system which was championed by market leader Nokia, but which it has abandoned in favor of Microsoft's Windows mobile operating system because of license costs and difficulty with programmers. In a period when smartphone sales worldwide are rising in the double digits and sales of the iPhone double year over year, Sony Ericsson's unit sales dropped from 97 million in 2008 to 43 million last year. New competitors like HTC now outsell Sony Ericsson by widening numbers. Sony Ericsson management expects several more quarters of falling sales and the company has laid off thousands of people. There have been rumors, backed by logic, that Sony will take over the operation, rebrand the handsets with its name, and market them in tandem with its PS3 consoles and VAIO PCs.

  • Kellogg's Corn Pops
The cereal business is not what is used to be, at least for products that are not considered "healthy." Among those is Kellogg's Corn Pops ready-to-eat cereal. Sales of the brand dropped 18% over the year that ended in April, down to $74 million. That puts it well behind brands like Cheerios and Frosted Flakes, each which have sales of over $200 million a year. Private label sales have also hurt sales of branded cereals. Revenues in this category were $637 million over the same April-end period. There is also profit margin pressure on Corn Pops because of the sharp increase in corn prices. Kellogg's describes the product as being "crispy, glazed, crunchy, sweet." Corn Pops also contain mono- and diglycerides, used to bind saturated fat, and BHT for freshness, which is also used in embalming fluid. None of these are likely to be what mothers want to serve their children in an age in which a healthy breakfast is more likely to be egg whites and a bowl of fresh fruit.

  • MySpace
MySpace, once the world's largest social network, died a long time ago. It will get buried soon. News Corp (NYSE: NWS - News) bought MySpace and its parent in 2005 for $580 million, which was considered inexpensive at the time based on the web property's size. MySpace held the top spot among social networks based on visitors from mid-2006 until mid-2008, according to several online research services. It was overtaken by Facebook at that point. Facebook has 700 million members worldwide now and recently passed Yahoo! (NYSE: YHOO - News) as the largest website for display advertising based on revenue. News Corp was able to get an exclusive advertising deal worth $900 million shortly after it bought the property, but that was its sales high-water mark. Its audience is currently estimated to be less that 20 million visitors in the US. Why did MySpace fall so far behind Facebook? No one knows for certain. It may be that Facebook had more attractive features for people who wanted to share their identities online. It may have been that it appealed to a younger audience which tends to spend more time online. News Corp announced in February that it would sell MySpace. There were no serious bids. Rumors surfaced recently that a buyer may take the website for $100 million. The brand is worth little if anything. A buyer is likely to kill the name and fold the subscriber base into another brand. News Corp has hinted it will close MySpace if it does not find a buyer.

  • Soap Opera Digest
The magazine's future has been ruined by two trends. The first is the number of cancellations of soap operas. Long-lived shows which include "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" have been canceled and replaced by talk shows, which are less expensive to air. The other insurmountable challenge is the wide availability of details on soap operas online. Some of the shows even have their own fan sites. News about the industry, in other words, is now distributed and no longer in one place. Soap Opera Digest's first quarter advertising pages fell 21% in the first quarter and revenue was down 18% to $4 million. In 2000, the magazine's circulation was in excess of 1.1 million readers. By 2005 it fell below 500,000 where it has remained for the last 5 years. Source Interlink Media, the magazine's parent, which also owns automotive, truck, and motorcycle publications, has little reason to support a product based on a dying industry.

  • Nokia
Nokia is dead. Shareholders are just waiting for an undertaker. The world's largest handset company has one asset. Nokia sold 25% of the global total of 428 million units sold in the first quarter. Its problem is that in the industry the company is viewed as a falling knife. Its market share in the same quarter of 2010 was nearly 31%. The arguments that Nokia will not stay independent are numerous. It has a very modest presence in the rapidly growing smartphone industry which is dominated by Apple, Research In Motion's Blackberry, HTC, and Samsung. Nokia runs the outdated Symbian operating system and is in the process of changing to Microsoft's Windows mobile OS, which has a tiny share of the market.

Nokia would be an attractive takeover target to a large extent because the cost to "buy" 25% of the global handset market would only be $22 billion based on Nokia's current market cap. Obviously, a buyer would need to pay a premium, but even $30 billion is within reach of several companies. Potential buyers would start with HTC, the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world. Its sales have doubled in both the last quarter and the last year. HTC will sell as many as 80 million handsets in 2011. The Taiwan-based company's challenge would be whether it could finance such a large deal. The other three likely bidders do not have that problem. Microsoft, which is Nokia's primary software partner, could easily buy the company and is often mentioned as a suitor. The world's largest software company recently moved further into the telecom industry though its purchase of VoIP giant Skype, which has 170 million active customers. Two other large firms have many reasons to buy Nokia. Samsung, part of one of the largest conglomerates in Korea, has publicly set a goal to be the No.1 handset company in the world by 2014. The parent company is the largest in South Korea with revenue in 2010 of $134 billion. A buyout of Nokia would launch Samsung into the position as the world's handset leader. LG Electronics, the 7th largest company in South Korea, with sales of $48 billion, is by most measures the third largest smartphone company. It has the scale and balance sheet to takeover Nokia. The only question about the Finland-based company is whether a buyer would maintain the Microsoft relationship or change to the popular Android OS to power Nokia phones.
 sourcing: http://finance.yahoo.com/family-home/article/112989/brands-disappear-2012-247

23 June 2011

wanita vs tudung vs perempuan ~~

Tujuan asal wanita disyariatkan bertudung (hijab) adalah bagi menutup kecantikan wanita. Nafsu seks lelaki cepat teransang bila melihat kecantikan wanita. Tidak dinafikan terdapat bahagian-bahagian tubuh wanita yang kelihatan cantik oleh lelaki, termasuklah rambut, yang boleh membangkitkan keghairahan nafsu seks mereka.

Nafsu seks lelaki yang dijadikan cepat ghairah dan teransang ini adalah antara yang menjadi punca terdorongnya kepada perlakuan zina. Oleh itu Islam telah mengekang jalan-jalan yang boleh mendekatkan kepada zina ini, termasuklah mengenakan suruhan wajib kepada kaum wanitanya supaya menutup aurat, dan menutup rambut dan bahagian dada mereka.

Tetapi di zaman sekarang ini peranan tudung tidak menepati tujuan asalnya, sebaliknya tudung digunakan untuk menyerlahkan lagi kecantikan seorang wanita. Macam-macam fesyen tudung terdapat di pasaran sekarang ini, ada saja fesyen terbaru dicipta bagi menarik kaum wanita untuk membelinya. Malah ada fesyen tudung yang dikaitkan dengan nama-nama artis dan selebiriti tertentu bagi melariskan jualan.

Sebelum tahun 1970-an dulu sangat jarang wanita-wanita muda bertudung, pada masa itu hanya makcik-makcik saja yang bertudung. Seingat saya pemakaian tudung oleh wanita-wanita muda dimulakan oleh ahli-ahli ABIM. Jika ada wanita muda memakai tudung semasa itu, mereka digelar sebagai orang dakwah. Tudung yang dipakai oleh mereka itu benar-benar menepati tujuan asal iaitu bagi menutupi perhiasan atau kecantikan seorang wanita.

Pengaruh pemakaian tudung telah berkembang dengan cepat selepas itu. Ramai wanita-wanita muda telah berlumba-lumba mengenakan tudung, apatah lagi tudung telah memberi persepsi kepada masyarakat sebagai wanita ‘baik’ kepada pemakainya.

Akhirnya tudung telah menjadi pakaian biasa bagi kaum wanita muslim di negara ini, tujuan pemakaiannya kepada setengah-setengah wanita bukanlah untuk menutup aurat tetapi lebih kepada ikutan semata. Oleh kerana orang lain bertudung, mereka juga kena ikut bertudung, kalau tidak mereka akan dilihat ganjil.

Oleh itu pada hari ini, label sebagai wanita ‘baik’ kepada wanita yang bertudung memang tidak boleh digunapakai lagi. Silap-silap wanita yang bertudung itu berperangai lebih jahat lagi.

Apa tidaknya, tujuan mereka bertudung adalah untuk kelihatan lebih cantik dan untuk menarik perhatian lelaki kepadanya. Fesyen tudung sarang tempua yang sangat popular sekarang ini sama seperti bonggol-bonggol unta yang disebut oleh Nabi Muhammad bagi menggambarkan fesyen wanita yang menjolok mata di akhir zaman.

Ada juga yang bertudung tetapi kelihatan seperti telanjang, tudung dikenakan dengan pakaian yang tipis dan ketat, baju berlengan pendek, dada terdedah, kain pula berbelah menampakkan betis dan paha.


20 June 2011

Acara Tahunan Terbesar~Bogel Beramai2...haishh

Seramai 400 orang menciptakan rekod dunia dengan berenang telanjang di pantai South Wales, Inggris Sabtu, 18 Jun 2011. Lelaki dan wanita datang dari berbagai negara untuk menciptakan rekod berenang di pantai Rhossili tanpa seutas benang pun.

Secara selamba kodok, mereka melepaskan pakaian sebelum pukul 08.00 waktu setempat. Setelah itu, mereka berteriak dan melompat kegirangan tanpa rasa malu dan gentar meski angin bertiup cukup kencang.

“Saya terbang dari Australia melalui Brazil untuk join,” kata Lizzy White, 25 tahun, salah satu peserta yang dikutip oleh Daily Mail, Sabtu, 19 Jun 2011. Lizzy mengaku merasa senang meski kedinginan.

Steven Absalon, 29 tahun, peserta lainnya sempat malu kerana dia belum pernah berenang telanjang sebelumnya, apalagi di depan 400 orang. Namun sebenarnya di antara perenang telanjang tidak ada rasa malu satu sama lain.

Steven merasa bangga boleh mengikut menciptakan rekod dunia. Nantinya ia akan menceritakan kepada anak cucuknya.

Penyelenggara acara tersebut menyatakan peristiwa itu memang harus diverifikasi oleh pencatat rekod dunia Guiness, tetapi mereka meyakini acara itu telah memecahkan rekod sebelumnya yang hanya diikuti oleh 250 orang saja.

Acara ini tadinya hanya akan diikuiti oleh 300 orang saja, tetapi mendekati hari penyelenggaraan, jumlah peserta bertambah menjadi 400. Acara ini bertujuan untuk mengumpulkan dana bagi yayasan kanser Marie Curie

16 June 2011

Blackberry vs iPhone vs Android~ laki bini bercerai, kwn habih larii

Hmmmmm...ni kes dh lama..tp aku saje cite blk..sesungguhnye manusia ni pelupa, jd kita perlu saling ingat mengingati ;) teknologi tahap ke 8, smua bnda nk canggih jer skang neh..tup tup dh smpai, tup tup dh bole send email ke UK even tgh lpk kt kdai kopi...tp setiap

12 June 2011

Starbucks and Coffee Bean Haram~ JAKIM

  Lagiiii berita ttg hukum agama...kali ni drpd JAKIM pulok..haaaaa, fevret kopi ngan kek korg smua (aku pn sama) huhuhuuu...JAKIM mengesahkn kandungan coklat, vanilla dan kopi drpd cafe2 neh mengandungi E471...mana yg x tau apa itu, bole klik E471..aku x mo ckp lebih pasal bnda2 ni keje dorg yg lebih arif, aku pn br tau..loya plak tekak aku rase
thanx to brader Sham..chaiyok!!

terpulang pada anda! nk teruskan atau mengikut apa yg telah diberitahu..even Yahudi pn cuba elakkan memakan/minum sebarang E471, apatah lg kita sbg umat Islam..tp kenapa br skang bnda ni reveal? padahal cafe2 ni dh lama betapak kt Msia ;( ke dorg br letak bnda2 haram ni as penambah perasa?? adoYaiii..
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Haaa...kalo kdai kt gmbr sbelah ni halal ke x? aku lg x tau ;) pintu bukak sekeping je tuh.. ;) utk ilmu korg yg slalu bli brg kt luar, bole la semak kt portal halal JAKIM..klik ler kt link aku bg neh..halaljakim sama2 kita menjaga pemakanan seharian kita

11 June 2011

Shell beracun~poisonous shell

Salam and Good Day to all~

pergh! betul ker? ark Shell beracun? yaa, mmg beracun dan ak hampir-hampir diracuni kalau x berhati-hati lagi pasnih.. abis tuh? gune ark Petronas? hahaha aiya! mane ader menatang name Petronas.. hahaha.. apee nih? sbnarnyer bukan psl minyak petroleum tuh.. tapi psl Ark Shell atau name Melayu dier Kerang~ wawawa.. tapi name beracun?.. ader kisah dier..

nihla Ark Shell a.k.a Kerang :)

petang tuh, tgh2 kopek kerang nih, nmpak ader satu lagi makhluk kat celah-celah kerang tuh.. ape dier?

nihla menatang dier.. org pggil dier "CIKA".. menatang dier ruper dier cam ketam dn slalu ader kat clah2 kerang.. so, klu sesape yg slalu ke dapur @ peminat kerang (cam sy) akn sll terjumpe bnde nih.. lagi bhya klu dorg kcik.. sbb kkdg terlpas pndg.. nih selamat besaq.. hahaha.. ape implikasi (bhs doktor sket..) dier kat korg klu tertelan? simptopm pling jelas ialah terberak-berak dan sakit perut...

so kepada sesiapa yg suke kerang nih, sila la cek dulu sblom anda memakan.. tuhla sbab ak ngelak jer nk mkn kerang rebus @ sambal kerang @ gulai kerang @ ape-ape masakan yg berkaitan dengan kerang kat luar.. sbb takot dorg xcek bnde nih.. yg saketnyer kite blik.. sbb tuh ak kate.. ark Shell beracun.. hehehe..

Peace.. :)

sumber: http://www.gengblogger.com/v/494585

10 June 2011

BILIK 121 ~ kecoh lg

Yaaaa....criter ni dh lama tp kuar blk! 2011, cite ni diperkatakan lg, bdk2 skola yg x tau skang pn dh tau...silap2 nnt masuk dlm subjek sejarah :) aku bkn nk backing sesapa, cuma klaka jer...121 ialah nombor bilik tertangkapnye seorang ahli politik..skang dh jd pemimpin pn..byk tul skandal negara neh..ya, dia dr parti yg memperjuangkn Islam dahulunya, skang aku x tau juang apa lg ;)

smua manusia buat kesilapan, so pd aku, i dun gv a shit tapiiiiiii, puak2 dia yg byk ckp sblm ni..sorg ckp, " Jgn dedahkan aib pemimpin pd masyarakat". sorg lg ckp,"wajib kita dedahkan aib/kesilapan seorang pemimpin, supaya masy. dpt menilai" ;) mereka ni x de kata sepakat ke?? Islam ckp apa plak?? pening lg kepala masyarakat..yg bdk2 muda ni tau menyalak jer, sokong sana, sokong sini...tp apa yg korg salakan?? hahaha...berigt la org muda, jgn jd seperti mereka, buat pembaharuan k!!

Kembali citer td, kes ni berlaku pd tahun '95 kalo x silap aku di Kota Bharu, Hotel Perdana bln Januari kalo x silap aku...tp dlm masa 6 tahun, citer hangat lagi!! kehkehkehh

ASB/ASN ~Amanah Saham Nasional Haram

Haiishhhh...rata2 org bumiputra ada saham ni kn?? tp nape br skang ni isu neh dihangatkn...mmg dh lama hangat pn nk naik hangit...tu psl aku x terbuat2 lg ASB aku even

09 June 2011

Sun will strike earth! by NASA

Kita smua tau yg Nasa nih keje dier mcm explore kat angkasa lepas dan baru2 nih, dorg explore la lagi.. pada bulan July, ape yg memeranjatkan dorg, pusingan planet Marikh yg slalu nye ke timur, perlahan2, dia brubah ke barat..

& pada bulan Ogos smpai ke September, planet nih trus ke menghala ke barat  dimana,Matahari dikatakan terbit seblah barat time tuh..

fenomena nih dikatakan adalah "RetroGrade Motion".. dan saintis berkata, semua planet akan melalui nyer termasuk la Bumi!! ini bermakna, matahari akan terbit dari barat suatu hari nanti..dan bnde nih akan berlaku tanpa kita akan sedari.. SubhanAllah......

dan pemikir Shariah berkatakan bahawa, Matahari nih akan terbit dari barat sekali shaja dan akan bertukar balik kepada posisi asal.. nih yg berlaku kat Marikh, dimana, lepas shja dier bertukar  pusingan ke Barat, dia balik ke pusingan asal balik..

berita nih adalah sgt penting.. dimana, ianya terus membuktikan jua ape yg dikatakan dlm Al-Quran itu benar belaka.. lebih2 lagi disokong dgn penemuan dari Nasa ini..

Di snih, sy ingin menasihatkan diri sy n anda semua.. ingatlah.. semua janji2 dan kata2 Allah s.w.t dan peringatan yg diberikan oleh Nabi Muhammad S.A.W adalah benar belaka.. tiada yg benar melainkan benar yg hakiki..

Info ttg Najiss~geli tp perlu tau ;)

hahaha.. kite slalu wat aktiviti membuang.. tp ape jer yg kite tahu tentang bnde yg dibuang nih? hahaha~ fret not! arinih ak akan gtau serba sedikit.. x salah pon nk tau psl bnde nih.. at least kesihatan tentang diri kite~ :D

1. Benda nih dibuat dari ape?

Taik a.k.a name baik dier, najis terdiri dari air.. nih ley dibuktikan apabila kita sakit perut, yg smpai tercirit-cirit tuh, kebanyakan dier dari air.. dan dicampur dgn bhan seperti bakteria mati, makanan yg xdihadam, garam, lemak dan mukus dari usus besar.. nice rite? hahaha

2. Knape najis berbau mcm... taik??

Bila kite berak a.k.a buang air besar, bakteria yg menyebabkan bau busuk nih.. bakteria nih menghasilkan organik sulfur yg berbau.. kekadang, benda-benda nih lah yg menyebabkan jugak kentut kite berbau..

3. Knape najis warna coklat?

Nihlah warna yg standard eh.. warna coklat nih terjadi sebab Bilirubin yang berwarna kuning ke -orenan.. Bilirubin nih dtg dari pecahan sel darah merah dari hati dan tulang sumsum.. benda nih dikesan di dalam usus dan bile bercampur zat besi, dia jadi warna kuning-keorenan..

4. Najis warna kuning?

Betul ker? ader? yer ader~ najis yg warna kuning disebabkan oleh Sindrom Gilbert yang dihadapi oleh sesetengah orang, lelaki terutamanya di dalam waktu remaja.. orang yg menghidapi sindrom nih disebabkan oleh sel darah merah x diproses seperti orang biase.. hahaa.. jangan terkejut klu tetibe ternampak taik mcam warna pisang.. Sindrom Gilbert x membahayakan orang yg menghidapinya :)

5. Najis warna hijau?

Pon ader jgak~ selalunya baby yang ader taik warna camnih.. nih disebabkan zat besi dlm baby xdiserap dgn betul atau dtgnyer dari cecair garam yang dtg dari hati.. orang yg sihat jugak ley kena camnih sebab dorg mkn makanan yang kaye dgn sayur-sayuran.. pendek kate vegetarian ar.. ada juga dorg terkena sbb makan makanan yang tinggi dgn pewarna seperti aiskrim..

6. Kenape boleh cirit-birit?

Haa~ ade byk sebab orang boleh kena cirit-birit nih.. nih terjadi sbb air xsempat diserap dlm usus dan terus ke usus besar... antara sebabnyer adalah, dijangkiti bakteria or virus, irritasi yang berlaku sbb makan yg x biase dimakan, dan produk susu.. cirit-birit bahaya sbb korg ley kekurangan air dalam badan.. kalau ak terkena, ak slalu minom teh o keras/kaw.. nih mmg slalu berkesan.. :)

7. Panjang ke taik nih?

Hahaha.. yes, taik kita slalunyer panjang or linked antara satu sama lain.. klu kite pernah tgk iklan mainan Play-Dough tuh.. haa, ianya panajng xubah cam taik kita gak, kecuali kita potong dier.. same cam sistem bdan kite, kalau kita mcam teran kuat2 selalunyer taik tuh akan terptus2.. klu kita flow mcam biase.. tgk lah camane pjg dier.. hahaha..

8. Taik kita slalu terapung dalam air?

Taik yg terapung dalam air ni disebabkan tingginya gas dalam taik tuh.. so tahap keapungan dier lagi ringan dari air sbb tuh dier terapung.. orang kate, ble taik trapung, meaning, org tuh lagi sihat dari org yg taiknya tenggelam.. haa~ cek! hahaha

9. Knape time buang air besar rase panas-panas?

Haaa~ ade jugak kes camnih, dimana, slalunyer disebabkan orang tuh mkn mkanan yg pedas-pedas or yg berasaskan pepper... pendek kate yg terlampau pedas arh~! haha..

10. Makan daging effek taik kite?

Yes~ makan byk sgt daging akan buatkan taik kite lebih berbau sbab daging nih ble diproses sbnarnya adalah protein yg kaye ngan sulfur.. sbb tuh, taik mcm kucing, anjing or haiwan yg makan daging, taik dorg lagi busuk berbanding dengan haiwan yg makan tumbuhan seperti lembu, kambing..

so tuhlah antara fakta-fakta yg ader tentang najis nih~ hahaha.. have a healthy lifestyle and ur najis also will be healthy.. :)
credit to: http://www.gengblogger.com/v/494585

08 June 2011

Kopi Luwak, Halal atau Haram??!

Ayyayaiiiiiii...haaaaa gmbr kt atas ni laaa namanye KOPI LUWAK or u can say it as LUWAK COFFEE ;) rmai westerners yg menggilakn kopi neh tak kurang gak org2 asia, tp kopi ni mmg famous around the world..btul beb! stakat starbucks

Kes kopi LUWAK

ni artikel dr kawan gue!!

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com — Melalui fatwa nomor 4, 20 Juli 2010, Majelis Ulama Indonesia atau MUI menyatakan bahwa kopi luwak, yakni kopi yang diolah dari biji kopi yang diambil dari kotoran hewan luwak (musang), termasuk halal atau boleh dikonsumsi umat Islam. Namun, biji kopi luwak harus melalui pencucian terlebih dahulu sebelum dapat dikatakan halal.

"Statusnya biji kopi luwak adalah mutanajis, artinya suatu benda yang terkena najis. Mutanajis itu jika dibersihkan, dicuci, maka biji kopi itu suci, halal, bisa dikonsumsi," ujar Wakil Sekretaris Komisi Fatwa MUI Aminudin Yakub, Selasa (20/7/2010).

Aminudin mengatakan, fatwa kopi luwak tersebut dikeluarkan MUI untuk menjawab pertanyaan masyarakat mengenai halal atau tidaknya kopi yang diambil dari kotoran hewan tersebut. Menurutnya, MUI telah melakukan kajian dan menemukan bahwa hewan luwak hanya memakan kulit luar buah kopi dan menyisakan kulit tanduk buah kopi. "Dan kalau ditanam, biji kopi itu bisa tumbuh. Dengan demikian, itu bukan najis, melainkan mutanajis," katanya.

Mutanajis berbeda dengan najis. Apa yang dikatakan najis, menurut Aminudin, salah satunya, adalah suatu benda yang dilarang untuk dikonsumsi umat Islam, seperti daging babi. Namun, mutanajis adalah kondisi ketika suatu benda terkena najis yang dapat dikatakan halal jika dibersihkan.

Budak 12 tahun dipenjara seumur Hidup

Hohohooo...mmg berat kes bdk neh.. Pendakwa raya mahu supaya seorang kanak-kanak lelaki berusia 12 tahun dipenjarakan seumur hidup - bagi mengelakkannya daripada membunuh lagi.
Cristian Fernandez mungkin menjadi banduan seumur hidup termuda di Amerika selepas dia disyorkan dibicarakan sebagai orang dewasa dalam kes pembunuhan adiknya berusia dua tahun.

Pendakwa raya Angela Corey berkata: “Kami terpaksa melindungi orang awam daripada kanak-kanak ini.” Sekiranya Fernandez didakwa sebagai juvana dan didapati bersalah, dia akan dibebaskan apabila mencecah usia 21 tahun.
Fernandez didakwa membelasah adiknya David Galarriago hingga mati di kediaman mereka di Jacksonville, Florida, Mac lalu.

David mati akibat keretakan di kepala yang menyebabkan pendarahan pada otaknya.
Dia meninggal dua hari selepas dimasukkan ke hospital. Laporan bedah siasat menunjukkan kecederaan dialaminya disebabkan oleh pukulan benda tumpul di kepalanya.

Fernandez sebelum itu pernah menyerang adiknya dan mematahkan kakinya.
Angela berkata, dia mahu budak itu dibicarakan sebagai orang dewasa selepas mengkaji semula sejarah keganasan. Tp ni semua berlaku kt Miami..jgn la jd kt Msia ni kn ;(

07 June 2011

Parents and Facebook a.k.a FB~buat hal


Satu lagi citer panas ati yg terbuku tp lum dibukukn ;)  kpd parents/mak bapak sekalian, hrp amik sket masa k..ini 1 kisah dr skolah yg agak membingitkn telinga...

Utk regstr as Facebook user, u need to be 18 or 13 years OLD...soooo, kalo anak2 anda bwh umur tu, plssss dont let them have FB account..nk buat ape bdk2 kck ade FB acc.?? to waste their time? plsss k!!
Sbb terjadinye kes,

Ticket for Arsenal~Liverpool~Chelsea~ Asia Tour 2011

3 club EPL dtg ke Msia lagii...adoii..rabak lg duit nk beli tiket :) kalo minat bolasepak, bkn pd club jer k....skadar game frenly, bole la lyn, nk g  sana mahal sgt kan...
ni gmbr seating, mcm biasa la kn
bwh ni tmpt2 yg korg leh gi crk kt area2 umah korg, kdai K-Mart pun ado ko jang??
fuuuuhh...smpai ke Indon pun ade jual?? hahaha...utk lebih info boleh klik SINI

06 June 2011

J-LO naked videos now on the NET.........

 Bincang nk jual rakaman J to the LO kt web pornoporni

LOS ANGELES: Bekas suami pertama penyanyi seksi terkenal, Jennifer Lopez dikatakan hampir mencapai satu perjanjian mega untuk menjual aksi panas video bulan madu mereka kepada sebuah laman web lucah.

Namun, peguam superstar itu yang terkenal dengan singkatan J-Lo, berharap untuk menyekat penyiarannya dengan menguatkuasakan satu injunksi kekal bagi menghalang Ojani Noa daripada mendedahkan pita berkenaan yang memaparkan penyanyi itu tidak berpakaian.

Noa yang berkahwin dengan J-Lo selama 11 bulan pada 1997, menemui satu aspek kelemahan dalam undang-undang injunksi itu minggu lalu menyebabkannya berusaha untuk menjual pita berkenaan bagi meraih keuntungan besar.
Seorang hakim di sini menyokong teman wanita Noa ketika ini, Claudia Vazquez yang membeli rakaman 27 jam itu termasuk 20 minit rakaman bogel dengan harga AS$1 (RM3) daripada Noa.

Vazquez menuduh J-Lo menjejaskan kehidupannya dengan menyekat rancangannya untuk menghasilkan filem yang mengambil adegan dari pita terbabit.
Pengurus Noa, Ed Meyer berkata, beberapa bidaan membeli video aksi panas itu bermula dengan tawaran beratus ribu dolar dan dijangka melonjak.

Ketika mendedahkan bahawa banyak laman web lucah yang mahukan pita itu, Meyer berkata: “Jika ada tawaran menarik sudah pasti kami menerimanya.”
Kate Miller dari web Pornhub, laman web lucah setanding dengan YouTube, berkata mereka sudah memperuntukkan satu tempat dalam ruangan selebriti laman berkenaan.

Meyer menegaskan, Noa boleh memasarkan rakaman panas itu kerana J-Lo yang membenarkannya merakam dan memberinya pita itu apabila mereka berpisah.
Meyer memberitahu, Kevin Blatt yang menjadi broker isu pita seks Paris Hilton tidak lama dulu, turut berminat untuk menonton pita berkenaan.

Laman web TMZ mendakwa, antara aksi panas bekas suami isteri itu termasuk adegan memukul punggung.
J-Lo kini berkahwin dengan penyanyi Marc Anthony, merancang untuk merayu menentang keputusan hakim.
Noa dilaporkan berjuang untuk mendedahkan pita itu sejak 2007. – Agensi


Susulan mesy. PPUB di shah alam...part 1 dan part 2 ;) enjoy the video? ..................

3F ~ Yahudi dapat merosakkan kita ;(

    Yahudi adalah musuh kita. Jelas ke x jelas? Cuma cara dia merosakkan kita, jelas ke x jelas? Haaaaa..zaman skang neh dh mcm2 hal aku tgk ngan bdk2 islam, kenalan aku pn ade gak, and ntah2 diri aku ni pn terjebak skali dlm kaedah penipuan Yahudi neh...sama2 kita dgr crite kwn kite ni :)

 Aku tertarik dengan salah satu informasi yang dikongsi oleh Ustaz Amri dalam ceramahnya iaitu “Yahudi merosakkan umat Islam melalui 3F.” Kenapa Yahudi menggunakan 3F ini dan apa yang ‘F’nya tu? Yahudi guna 3F

04 June 2011

The new Myvi 2011

Myvi baru sudaa tibe...bg peminat perodua, kreta kali ni kurang lengkung mcm myvi..katanyee..dgn tagline "Lagi best" sama2 kita nantikan ;)

Menjelang pelancaran rasmi Perodua Myvi generasi terbaru di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra pada 16 Jun ini yang dijadual akan dirasmikan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn. Bhd. (Perodua) telah membuka tempahan untuk model itu mulai 4 Jun 2011.
Myvi 2011 Tempahan Perodua Myvi 2011 dibuka mulai 4 Jun 2011, deposit RM400.00 sahaja
Deposit sebanyak RM400.00 diperlukan untuk membuat tempahan. Tempahan boleh dibuat di mana-mana 178 cawangan Perodua di seluruh negara mulai Sabtu ini.

Myvi 2011 interior Tempahan Perodua Myvi 2011 dibuka mulai 4 Jun 2011, deposit RM400.00 sahaja

Saya telah melihat gambar terbaru Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5 liter berwarna kuning melalui ‘insider’ petang tadi. Apa yang boleh dikatakan ialah beberapa perubahan melibatkan pertambahan side skirt depan, tepi dan belakang, dikombinasikan bersama warna hitam di bahagian lampu kabus, serta spoiler belakang sporty, menjadikan model itu sangat-sangat sporty dan menawan.
Masih belum ada maklumat bila Myvi Extreme akan dilancarkan, cuma jangkaan ianya bakal dilancarkan dalam suku keempat tahun ini. Jika harga Perodua Myvi 2011 1.3 liter Elegance (Auto) mencecah RM57k, anda boleh bayangkan berapa harga sebenar Perodua Myvi Extreme. Mungkin melebihi RM60k, agak mahal namun melihat kepada rekaan dan gaya sportynya tadi, Perodua Myvi Extreme bakal laris seperti goreng pisang panas.

credit to: http://www.arenakereta.com

01 June 2011

Angry birds for PC~free download link

Ahhhaaaaa...dulu rmai yg email kt aku tny pasal game ni on PC, mane nk carik..apadaaaa...bkn x nk reply ke apa ke, tgh sakit mata, so nk ngadap PC lama2 x tahan aku...ok2....nape la korg x google jer, sure ade..jgn la crk yg kene register or byr...ade je yg free pny link....tp x pe la, dlm sakit2 mata neh, aku bg link je k, harap2 korg leh main smpai x g keje..aku x pe, MC 1 bulan...hahahahha...

1. Angry birds online
2. Angry birds chrome